500 Chinese Auction - Basket Raffle Tickets

♦ Basket Raffle / Chinese Auction Raffle Tickets - 500 Quantity ♦

Available in 8 colors

Select From Your Choice of Seven Colors.

This Style is Sold in Packs of 500.
Each Ticket is Perforated for Easy Separation of the
25 Tickets Used for Bidding, 1 Door Prize Ticket and 1 Claim Stub.

Tickets are Sequentially Numbered and are 8.5" Wide x 3.625" High.


Basket Raffle Ticket Color Options include
Blue, Canary, Goldenrod, Green, Ivory, Pink, & White.

While you have a choice of color, specific number sequences are not selectable.

When buying Basket Raffle Tickets, don't Just look at the price of the ticket.
See what it will cost you INCLUDING the DELIVERY COST!

All Of Our Ticket Prices Include:


CANADIAN CUSTOMERS just pay a low flat $35.00 fee for "Priority Mail International"
for up to 1,000 tickets. Please call for Shipping Quote for quantities over 1,000.

Select Your Basket Raffle TICKET by
Clicking On One of The 7 Ticket Colors Below:

500 Basket Raffle Tickets - BLUE
500 Basket Raffle Tickets - CANARY
500 Basket Raffle Tickets - GOLDENROD

500 Basket Raffle Tickets - GREEN
500 Basket Raffle Tickets - IVORY
500 Basket Raffle Tickets - PINK

500 Basket Raffle Tickets - WHITE