Print Custom Raffle tickets.

Services & Policies


Promo codes must be entered properly AT CHECKOUT. The promo code must be entered in the correct location (NOT ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS but in the "Promo Code" section above "Pay with card"). We will no longer apply promo codes discounts retroactively or through "additional instructions" for failure to enter the proper promo code at checkout.  






You may modify preformatted templates, select your choice of fonts, sizes & colors with Interactive Designer, or upload your own artwork & see an on-line proof before you order!

At you have the ability to choose from 61 different raffle ticket options. There are 23 different tickets to choose from in the Regular Ticket category and 38 options to choose from in the Jumbo Ticket size. All of our tickets are available at wholesale prices.

In addition, there are also 16 Event Ticket Styles, 6 full color Event Flyers each with multiple background choices, Basket Raffle Tickets and Double Roll Raffle Tickets to select from.

Whatever your fundraising needs are for; school fundraising, church fundraising, gun raffles, or any other type raffle needs, you will find a low cost ticket to choose from that will be delivered with fast turnaround. All our prices include sequential numbering. Within each style, you also have the option as to whether the tickets come loose, padded or in booklets.

*Note regarding padding/stapling: Standard padding/stapling is done on the STUB side of the tickets (smaller tear-off part). If you would like the padding/stapling to be done on the BODY (large side of the ticket that the purchaser keeps), please request this in the ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS box.

Our aggressive pricing structure permits resellers to take advantage of wholesale like pricing. If you are a reseller, make sure to select the "Reseller" option when entering your quantities etc. for your order, so that we will not print our logo on the tickets.

You will find ticket choices that permit you to customize the ticket of your choice ON-LINE to your event needs with just text, text and a logo and/or photo, or even the ability to upload a ticket which you design on your own computer. 


**NOTE: PROOFREAD YOUR TICKETS!!!!!  All text/pictures/designs/artwork/etc. on your ticket are approved BY YOU when you upload the ticket to your cart when YOU APPROVE THE PROOF on-line. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISSPELLINGS/WRONG PICTURES OR ARTWORK/ANY AND ALL MISTAKES on your tickets as we print the tickets as they come in.



We will provide FREE SHIPPING via ground within the continental United States. We may elect to ship through the US Post Office Priority Mail or FedEx ground shipping. Next Day Air & 2nd Day Air are also available at a nominal charge. Please note that this is IN ADDITION to IN-PLANT PRODUCTION time and does not include Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.

24 to 48 hours on orders of 5,000 or less WITHOUT any stapling, padding or any special requests
Orders higher than 5,000 will take additional time.
Padding, stapling into books or any special requests will add time to production.
Feel free to check with us if you want more specific time estimates for your order.

For example, if an order is approved by 11 AM Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, and the Turnaround Time for the product is one day, printing will be completed on Wednesday. If the order is approved AFTER 11 AM Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, printing will be completed on Thursday.

If your order is placed on the weekend or a holiday, then we will move our production to the next regular working day. PLEASE NOTE that if you order the day before or after a holiday expect a delay until the next working day after the holiday. When Holidays are in the middle of the week this will delay production as well. We do not have any production on Holidays or weekends.

Note that next day air & 2nd day shipping does not mean that you will receive your order in one or two days after you approve it. The shipping is the time that your raffle tickets will take to reach you AFTER they are printed. HOWEVER, we do not guarantee that your package will reach you in two days even if you pay additional for the second day service. Example: If we finish your order and ship it on a Thursday or a Friday you will most likely receive your second day shipment on the next Monday. We are also not responsible for any shipping delays including weather. Our ground shipping is usually through the US Post Office Priority Mail and normally on most orders it will take up to three days to receive your shipment.


When placing NEXT DAY AIR/2nd DAY AIR orders we MUST deliver your order to a PHYSICAL STREET ADDRESS (No PO Boxes) as we will ship those orders via FedEx delivery.

Hawaii and Alaska residents please add 1-2 additional weeks for GROUND shipping time.

Regarding deliveries: We have no control or effect on how packages are delivered/left at addresses by USPS or FedEx (e.g. leave at back or side door, leave at front gate, ring doorbell, etc.) If you have special delivery needs, you need to contact your local Post Office or FedEx to make those arrangements.

Ground shipping is free in the US for orders of 50,000 or less. Orders greater than 50,000 may incur an additional shipping fee.

Our orders are processed on a first-in first-out basis. However, if Priority Service is selected, your order will be expedited prior to our regular orders.

Regarding our full color items that we print: Please note due to the nature of our color printing process (CMYK), we cannot print every color available. Please note also that the color image that you view on your monitor is produced in a mode called RGB. All images we receive are automatically converted to the CMYK mode which may cause a shift in color. In addition, the same RGB color will show up differently from one computer monitor to another because of calibration differences between computer monitors. As such, we will not be responsible for any shift in any color printing and will not reprint any order that we feel is within our printing capability! Our prices are highly discounted because variations may occur. The color printing we produce is visually pleasing, but does not attempt to match exact color.

Special requests may be written in the “Additional Instructions” window. We will honor, to the best degree possible, any special instructions. However, they may add time to production. It is best to send an email describing a special request rather than just put it on the order and expect that we will just do as requested.

Please note that if you submit duplicate orders for a ticket, we are not responsible. You will be charged for any duplicate orders that we produce.